The Twitter Bot That Help You With French Consulate Appointment!

Thu, 28 Apr 2022

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A warning

This article have been written in early April 2022. Since the release of the bot it seems that the underlaying API have changed a bit. I am not planning to document the modification of the bot that have been done after this initial version, but it will give a pretty good picture of the methodology used.

I am currently living in Montréal, QC but I am still a French citizen. So like thousands of French citizens living abroad, I rely on the French Consulate for a few administrative procedures, including passeport renewal. And in the last years, it has been more and more complex to book an appointment in order to renew or ask for a passeport:

No appointment available on French Montreal Consulate as of today...

So my plan was to automate the retrieval of available appointements in order to be able to book a slot (for my wife), and send it to a tool where a notification system is available, and Twitter seems a good candidate.

This article will guide you thought this process: first you will understand how the application is working (this one), then you will build a serverless application using Serverless Stack that will extract the needed information and send it to Twitter.

A few word on the used tools

The appointment application

The French Montreal Consulate is relying on a third-party application to manage the appointment system:

Accueil - Consulat Général De France À Montréal - Rendez-vous

There is a big TROOV logo on the page, and a few indicators in the source code linking to TROOV company. TROOV is providing an online appointment booking solution named TROOV TON CRÉNEAU:

F.A.Q - Frequently asked questions

I am using a lot this toolkit to build solutions that will run on an AWS account for a very low amount of $. It’s a very elegant all-in-one solution to manage serverless applications, you can read it more here:


Twitter is providing an API to build bots easily. I have been inspired by the Vaccélérateur project here in Québec: a very simple Twitter bot that share the next slots for a COVID-19 vaccine shot in your area:

Find faster vaccine appointments in Québec 📆⏩💉

Understand the application

The first step here is to understand if it’s possible to grab programmatically the appointment list for the Consulate. Here my best tool is the Developer Tools menu that you can open in any decent browser nowadays (generally with F12). Here is the one I have on Chrome:


Some important points:

Another exemple: