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File date
Lambda Warm-up 🔥 on SST January 23, 2023
Using the Strangler Fig Pattern in SST January 11, 2023
🔒 Next Auth vs SST Auth November 20, 2022
OAuth with Serverless using SST November 11, 2022
The Twitter Bot That Help You With French Consulate Appointment! April 28, 2022

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Writing for companies

I am also writing some tech articles for companies. I love to list them in the Writing for a company page.


The project area list some stuff I love to work outside of my company.

Mon RDV au Consulat

A twitter bot that give you information about available slots to renew your passeport at a French 🇫🇷 Consulate.

A simple system to manage more easily Montreal library cards. A nice addition when you need to check book to renew on the 5 cards of the family 😇 (CreateReactApp + Serverless Stack backend)
Why and How Migrate From Firebase to Serverless Stack?


Outdoor 🥾 🍂 is where I keep notes about several trips made in the past years.


You can contact me on Twitter or Github.