My name is Julien Bras, I’m a software developer with a particular interest in technical writing.

In a nutshell

I am currently working for Wiiisdom as Innovation Team Leader, managing a software development team to deliver solutions used by Wiiisdom customers and employees. I am also member of the writer team, creating blog post around multiple technical subjects (cloud platform, analytics, testing...).


Other side projects

I try to use my technical skills on some open-source projects. Here is my personal selection!

Mon RDV au Consulat

A Twitter bot that will warn you when there is available spot to renew your passeport at various French Consulate in the world (Montréal, London, New-York...).

Anything else?

I live currently in Montréal Sherbrooke, QC 🍁. I have 3 kids (⇒ lot of fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  but still no emoji with 3 kids!). I run, sometimes 😅 , but only slowly and long ones!


You can contact me on Twitter or Linkedin, I would love to chat with you!