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A simple application to help you to tag your photos with AI. It will work with existing SmugMug or Flickr albums, and detect via IA the bib numbers of the athletes. Then it will more easy for the athletes to find their photos.

Lien: Bib-AI

Mon RDV au Consulat

👉 Un bot Twitter qui permet d’avoir une alerte quand des créneaux pour renouveler son passeport sont disponible. Fonctionne sur la nouvelle plateforme de réservation de rendez-vous en ligne des consulats (Montréal, Londres, New-York pour le moment)

Lien: Mon RDV au Consulat

Writing for companies

I am writing for tech companies, and I am available for hire. I can write about your product, your company, or your team. I can also write about your customers, and their experience with your product. I am currently working as a writer.

Link: Writing for companies